Dear Ferenc,

I would like to thank you for the wonderful tour you organised between June 14 and 23 rd for myself and Dr Jane Lomas Smith and her husband. We enjoyed immensely the Wagner’s Days in the Palace of the Arts and the great tour you organised around Hungary. It was such a pleasure to be driven around without the hassles of using taxis and public transport. The jewel in the crown was the pick up to and from the concert hall without having to wait for a taxi.

Thank you so much for your interesting comments and we hope to come again when other

Wagner operas will be produced in Budapest.

With Best Wishes,
Christine Rothauser

Joo Ferenc was a most delightful and informative guide to BudapestWe  visited in March 2016 and had a wonderful time under his guidance

Theo Laub

The best way to visit 1 country is to travel it with a native local.  Feri was recommended by a German tour operator and an American couple as my private guide for my glorious 10 day phototour of amazing  Magyarorszag.  Feri worked  very hard to get my Budapest-Vienna rail ticket during the Budapest Syrian refugee crisis and also took me to the Budapest Exchange Bureau for the  best foreign exchange rate.  Being multilingual and  an art historian, Joo Ferenc will be an asset.

Adora Lim, M.D. , USA